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    For enquiry

    +91 98403 01390
    +91 98843 41197


    About Us

    The company was started in 1996 in a normal way with dealing of all types of office automation products and as today we have positioned as one of the leading supply chain service provider in HP Printer Peripherals and Computer Consumables in Chennai.

    We are channel partners of HP and Authorized Distributors for SAMSUNG, WEP, SONY, CANON & EPSON.

    We are based in Chennai, with 1 branch office and 2 warehouses across Chennai.

    Our Moto is Genuinity, Availability, Support and Service Better.

    Our strength is well positioned and personalized Support and Service to the customers across South India. We have a strong Receivables and Deliverable management team along with good knowledge of product portfolio. Also we put in to efficient systems and process to make it success.

    Won the National Best HP authorized Partner Award in 2011.